About Us


Having always lived in a rural environment, I've always had contact with dogs, and I've always had a special admiration for the Serras because of their temperament and their stature..

In 1998 we had our first Estrela Mountain Dog a short haired, which marked us definitely.
In late 2001 Sancho arrives and in early 2003 Loba arrives at the same time we acquired the conditions to implement the Encosta da Loba Project, from the creation of infrastructure, registration of affix and participation in the first dog shows and contests.

In 2004 our first litter was born.

In 2007 the professional life and in 2011 health problems almost put an end to this project, but as what does not kill us makes us stronger, while recovering from the illness I projected the future of Encosta da Loba, with the search and acquisition of new dogs, renovation of facilities respecting the rules of animal welfare required by the DGAV and greater investment in dog shows would serve as a basis for our responsible breeding, always guided by the conservation of Morphological standards, Temperament and Health that I always admired in the breed..


This is our vision of the Breed and this is how we want the Encosta da Loba Mountain Dogs, Healthy, Rustic, Imposing, Strong, well structured, well balanced temperament, able to perform the tasks for which this breed was bred since always.

This is how the Encostas da Loba Mountain Dogs were in the past, this is how they are now and this is how they will be in the future, this is our commitment!


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